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One of our most eye catching product / services is Augmented Reality connection to our Assets management platform OpenICM. This technology enables field service engineers to retrieve information while still have two hands free to work with.

All information from OpenICM (maintenance history, manuals, instructions etc.) can be viewed just by scanning the asset and select the desired information by voice or virtual selection menu.

A second option is to gain help from an external expert, letting him or her see what the field service engineer sees and transfer information as overlays inside the field of view.

You will receive your AR-glasses ready to run, all you have to do is keep it charged. Each user will be able to login to the glasses just the way he / she logs into OpenICM and all data and last opened views and document will be available. This makes it easy to share an AR-glasses among users.

We make augmented reality work !

Device Independent

The OpenICM solution for augmented reality is device independent, you are able to use a tablet, smartphone or glasses dependent or you requirements.

Reasons to implement AR

AR speaks to the imagination but is often an immature technology that suffers real-time behavior. More over AR requires a big bandwidth, need information to stand ready and needs a calibration/recognition point, so a lot of conditions to consider. However there are some really big advanges.

  • Centalize knowledge
  • Fix activities to procedures
  • Make it possible to operate and maintain complex systems


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