Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Maintenance without ever going to the machine will never be completely possible. But going to a machine when it’s not necessary is no longer needed.
By placing a remote access system, you can run diagnoses in OpenICM, use predictive maintenance and even watch the installation live and remotely perform maintenance tasks.

Important to know is that no changes need to be made to your existing PLC software when starting remote monitoring and diagnosis. All you need to do is place a remote access system, connect to OpenICM and the data now is available for analysis and if desirable for particular situations alarms or triggers to tasks can be determined.
Remote maintenance, remote monitoring and tracking & tracing solutions are not only relevant for fixed installations but also on rolling stock, container units and infra structural systems.

Remote Analysis

No need to physically go to the the machine or alter its control logic. Just connect it trough our secure VPN Cloud and you are ready. OpenICM gives you all the tools to manage your assets and keep them running most effectively. 

  • Analyse and compare machine behaviour
  • Predict maintenance
  • Improve performance
  • Generate warnings
  • React on sudden decline or breakdown
  • Send instructions to operators / maintenance engineers

Remote Maintenance

Machines already collect a lot of data that could help maintenance to overcome or prevent breakdowns most effectively. OpenICM supports breakdown prevention and quickly solve problems in two ways. Harverst data from the machine and representing this into usable data. Secondly give maintenance engineers knowledge of past and similar situations.

  • View logbook / events before breakdown
  • Reset and operate
  • send instruction to maintenance engineers
  • View and alter control logic