A Wealth of Functionality


The inventory module contains, among other things, a clear outline structure of all company locations and assets, or customer sites and assets.

Planning: Intelligent planning of various resources. People, assets, tools, work tasks. Automatic, manual and predictive planning or based on failures and MTBF, OEE etc .. Yearly, monthly, week or day plannings can easily align with production schedules. 

Asset Management

Overview of assets, recording important data per item / asset, calculate MTTF and criticality per item, history of maintenance and failures per item, visualization of objects locations, consistent with BIM.

Work Order Management: Create work orders. This module contains all the resources for creating and handling operations. User-friendly planning tools give overview in planned tasks and the workload. The captured information (by who, hours, materials, prices) can be used to update timesheets, costing, provide reports and dashboards but also to mutate inventory levels.


Productive and non-productive hours overview. Create insight about where and to which tasks most time is spent. In addition, a start-stop hours recording at work order level. This way it can be measured precisely what work costs how much time. Easy to use on location. Ultimately, it provides in combination with the module planning the best classification of people and work.

People Management

Who are present within your organization? What skills, diplomas or certificates do your mechanics have? Who can best be used for specific tasks? Also third parties are taken into account.

Communications: Fault messages (automatic via communication with Ewon / SMS / email / Etc.), remote monitoring, coordination between production / operations and maintenance, integration with many other systems to create synergy (management / ERP / CRM) systems such as SAP, etc. ..


Overview of tasks done, what remains to be done etc .. Who did what, when and why? What details are important? Is something being delivered later in the shift? Change of shifts and shifts easily communicate with each other. Collecting data that otherwise would never be captured but is important to achieve improvements in maintenance and asset management.

Fleet management: This module is specifically targeted at fleet. All your vehicles and all information concerning them is available. 

Container Management

This module has been developed specifically for container management and administration. Location, features, models, maintenance agreements, etc ..

Tracking and tracing 

Always overview on where your objects are.


The module intelligence includes stock levels based on scheduled maintenance, automatic allocation of resources, predict maintenance on the basis of data input sensors etc., criticality (optimize inventory management), reason tree generation to come to an overview of causes, analysis capabilities, MTTF / MTBF and OEE calculations per item.


This module provides a number of default dashboards. These allow you to act on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Dashboards give you graphic insight into planning, implementation, time, resources, etc .. In addition to the standard dashboards, there are of course customized dashboards. 

Reporting & Analysis: This module provides various reporting and analysis capabilities. Expand your knowledge, monitor the objectives and results etc .. There are a number of standard reporting options available.


The module contains procedures including defining maintenance procedures, forms, online and paper, linking actions to procedures. 


The module documentation contains recording / archiving drawings / pictures etc. per item, list revisions, upload photos by smartphone. 


This module contains internal / external billing, used assets and inventory, SLA management, connection to different accounting systems.

Inventory Management

Always overview of stock levels, determine optimal inventory, order at supplier.

License/ Permit management: The module contains the possibility of digital signatures, permits, capturing data contractors / third parties and resources, maintain certifications / competencies overview of licenses.


Define and create list of common causes / risk / measurements incidents and failures, capture data contractors / third parties and resources, maintain certifications / competencies, history and incidents.

Log out / tag out: This module is an easy digital log out / tag out system for maintenance and repair.  

  • Full IOT integration
  • Addaptive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Easy asset monitoring
  • ERP system connections
  • Supports LEAN / 6Sigma programs
  • DMAIC integrated
  • Competence based management
  • Integrated resource management
  • Supports inter company coorporation