Tracking via the LoRa network

In close corporation with Xeelas, UVS has developed a off the shelf solution for tracking & tracing your assets. The Xeelas product transponds its location via the LoRa network. In this way an accurate position can be determined while consuming low energy. Typically a transponder feed with two penlights will last for over 10 years.

This technology is widely available within the Netherlands and Cities around the world. The LoRa network provides coverage outdoor as wel as indoor via KPN telecommunications provider.

OpenICM enables to keep record on asset where abouts like past locations and speed. In combination with asset scanning / registration assets can be linked to resources and projects so you can utilize this information for performance management and invoicing.

OpenICM enables keeping track of your assets using various technologies like the LoRa network or GRS devices easy.

  • Keep control on assets
  • Invoice based on tracks
  • Service to your customers
  • Utilize your service personnel efficiently
  • Monitor unusual behaviour
  • Quickly zoom in on faulty situations
  • Global overview on asset status