The LoRa access node is especially suited for out door applications where an asset needs to be monitored for long periods (10 jaars) without an external powersource. This solutions uses only limitied bandwith and can be applied at a very low cost of ownership.

Typical application are monitoring and tracking of aggrates, mobile cooling installations, heaters, compressor installations and verhicles.

This LoRa node seemlesly integrates into OpenICM and automatically sends data concerning a specific asset without the need to manually configure anything.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Operates 10 year with 2 AA batteries
  • Tacking based on GPS
  • Simple installation
  • Alarm functions
  • Safety features like unexpected movement warning
  • Industry proven
  • Standard 128 bit data encryotion

Easy Machine Integration Variouse input sources Alarm
Cloud bases distribution LoRa Protocol 256Kb per day In- and Outdoor use