Good partners are essential to our and your business. UVS Industry Solution b.v partners with suppliers and integrator that make a difference. Our partners are innovative trustworthy solution and product providers.


Bosch makes and supplies innovative solutions and products for smart industry. UVS Utilizes Bosch SMART sensor technology for IIOT applications.

Integrated Environmental Unit BME680 SensorTech example video

HMS supplies industrial gateways that enable connection to any device and automation platform in a secure and reliable way. UVS utilizes these devices and has developed special embedded software for improved security and connectivity. HMS interfaces seamlessly connect to OpenICM our Cloud based Asset Management software.

HMS National Instruments leading edge technology provides measurement systems and analyses software that enables high accuracy system analyses. Combined with UVS openICM dashboarding and overall asset performance improvement, asset owners are able to improve their asset performance and predict failure long before any noticeable effect.

Integration Partner

The purpose of the OpenICM System Integrator Partner Program is to attract, support and retain skilled System Integrator (SI) partners to deliver highly productive solutions to end-users utilizing market-leading and open OpenICM software solutions.

This provides customers access to experienced, skilled automation project integration and delivery professionals located around the globe. The OpenICM product certification program helps differentiate the skills and expertise of System Integrators’ delivery and integration capabilities.

The System Integrators Program provides leads, pre-sales support, technology, products, software tools and technical support needed to develop powerful customized integration solutions for customers.

  • Obtain business API key to build custom modules
  • Attend OpenICM user conferences
  • Gain premium support
  • Sandbox server access