Grenzeloos Ondernemen # 006 from the 33rd edition of the Hannover Messe in Germany. We join the Economic mission for Dutch start-ups of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and Startup Delta.

Guest are Prince Constantijn van Oranje, special envoy of Startup Delta. And entrepreneurs Wilma Mulder, director of KxA Data Solutions. Boudewijn Wisse, CEO of Laevo. Eveliene Langedijk, CEO of UVS Industry Solutions. And Hans Roeland Poolman, Sales & amp; Business Development at Technobis. Presentation Folkert Tempelman.

As a newcomer in the German market, it usually takes three to five years before you can even close a deal. The companies seem a bit cautious, says the Prince: "I think we can learn from the places where innovation sometimes goes a bit harder, like Sillicon Valley. One may keep the maps on the forest here a little too carefully, while very generous contacts are being handled. '

By bringing entrepreneurs and companies into contact with each other, a first step can be taken: 'You have to start somewhere', according to Prince Constantijn. 'But if they have taken that step, and they are standing here, then you must also ensure that they get access to the right companies. And then you also have to dare to help them over that threshold. '

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(Bron : BNR nieuws)

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