The Wireless Machine Condition Sensor combines a sensor, data collector and radio into one compact, battery-operated device that measures both vibration and temperature.

This unique system provides a balance-of-plant monitor, wirelessly transmitting both static and dynamic data to the monitoring software.

The Wireless Machine Condition Sensor uses a very powerful communication protocol, offering a simple, reliable and secure means of expanding condition based maintenance into plant areas where the cost to install wired systems is prohibitive, making data abailable to existing process control and information systems.

 Operational Specifications

Vibration measurement Linear acceleration measurement range 16 g
  Angular rate measurement range ±2000 dps
  Linear acceleration sensitivity 0,061 mg
  Angular rate sensitivity 8,75 mdps
  acceleration linearity / temperature ±1,5 %
  angular linearity / temperature ±2,0 %
  Operating temperature range -40 up to +85 oC
Temperature Operating temperature range -40 up to +150 oC
  Ambient temperature ±0,5 oC
  Pointed IR temperature ±1,0 oC
Power consumption charging 5V - 120mA
  operating battery / 5V – 20mA
  monitoring battery / 5V – 23mA
  standby battery / 20uA leaking
Approvals & Certificates certificate included for parts and assembly CE
  compliant on electronic parts FCC
  submitted for approval UL
  up to 1200mAh not applicable. Ex
  Design conform, certificate for Ex and HACCP type included HACCP
  submitted for approval TUV
  planned 2nd quarter 2019 KEMA
  planned 2nd quarter 2019 VDE
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