• Data technology

    Data becomes increasingly important in every day life and businesses. @ UVS we focus on data collection, processing and analyses especially for Predictive Maintenance. Because there are fundamental differences between operational real-time system control and maintenance measurements we briefly explain.


    • Span & Offset detection
    • Adaptive to circumstances
    • Degradation detection
    • Configurable
    • Local readout
    • Abnormal measurements
    • Continuous
    • High reliability
    • High absolute precision


    • Context
    • Degradation in time
    • Autonomic detection of situations
    • Discrimination in circumstances
    • Predict failure
    • Time relative degradation
    • Interval measurement
    • High (relative) resolution
  • Hannover MESSE 2018

    HannoverMESSE 2018, again a great success. Thanks to Dutch IT and FME, innovative companies like ours could count on lots of attention and new business leads trough out the world.

    Eveliene Langedijk, CEO UVS Industry Solutions (upper left picture) and Business Development executive Nathalya Groot (upper right picture) have proven that female lead companies break barriers for innovative and new approaches that help pave the way for the factory of the future.

    During the MESSE, we introduced our latest innovation, a wireless, battery powered sensor unit for monitoring and recording multiple asset behavior parameters. This unit compliments our vertical solution for predictive maintenance.

    Dutch state secretary of economics mrs. Mona Keijzer (lower left picture) emphasized the innovative power of the Dutch industry that could be beneficial to all European counties. UVS Industry Solutions is proactively stimulating and sharing innovations trough out the European market supporting a more effective and strong technology driven europe.