UVS joined a wonderful event organized by RCT-Gelderland. Companies in the Gelderland region joined for inspiring presentations and round table talks on cobots, SMART industry and corporation between traditionally focus companies in steelworkers, machine builders, ICT and agriculture.

    Our SMART sensors could count on a lot of attention because of their may applications in the region and appealing design.

    ACT Meeting agenda (NL)
  • ICT+ IA Knowledge event 2018

      Ronald Kok (UVS Industry Solutions) gives a lecture: "How do you deploy smart (me) sensors for predictive maintenance?" How do you make smart use of all data that you already measure or collect, consciously or some cases unconsciously. What measurements are being made now and how can you supplement these with other measurements so that you also get a correct story for maintenance? And how do you make useful data for predictive maintenance from the collected data? Do you want to start with Predictive Maintenance? Then you should not miss this lecture.
  • Predictive Maintenance Workshop

    Yesterday the workshop '' Predictive Maintenance in real life '' took place in collaboration with Raster Products B.V. Our expert Ronald Kok gave the participants practical tools with regard to Smart Predictive Maintenance.

  • Predictive Maintenance Workshop

    Gisteren heeft de workshop ''Predictive Maintenance in real life'' plaatsgevonden in samenwerking met Raster Products B.V. Onze expert Ronald Kok heeft de deelnemers praktische handvatten gegeven m.b.t. Smart Predictive Maintenance.
  • Sensor technology

    Add up to 12 extra sensing devices to the ERL SMART sensor / HUB to gain context.

    Just plug in an external sensor and the measured data will be logged, evaluated and communicated without any programming or configuration.

    All UVS RSU units (external sensors) can be connected via the front connector of the ERL. These RSU units are fully digital. Analogue device can be connected by means of a CPI unit for suppling 4-20mA / 0-10V power supply.



    RSU-T01R Temperature Operating temperature range -40 - 260 oC
    Ambient temperature ±0,5 oC
    Pointed IR temperature ±1,0 oC
    RSU-OXY Oxygen Operating temperature range 0 up to 60 oC
    Range 0 – 25 mg/I O2
    Accuracy 0.01 mg/I O2 +/- 1%
    RSU-AMM Ammonium Operating temperature range -40 up to 85 oC
    Range 300 tot 5000 ppmm
    Accuracy >= 3%
    Maximum humidity 95%
    RSU-TPR Temp. probe Operating temperature range -40 up to 105 oC
    Range -40 up to 105 oC
    Accuracy 0.01 oC (Pt100 linearity)
    RSU-BLA Blue algae Operating temperature range 0 to 85 °C
    • 461 nm (blue)
    • 520 nm (green)
    • 640 nm (red)
    RSU-SND Sound Operating temperature range -40 to 85 °C
    • 20 – 600 kHz
    • (40 – 125 dB)
    Accuracy 1 Hz
    RSU-PH1 PH sensor Operating temperature range 0 to 100 °C
    • 0-14 pH
    • 3.5-6.5 acid
    • 7-8 alkaline
    Accuracy 0.02 pH
    RSU-PH2 PH sensor Linear acceleration measurement range 16 g
    Angular rate measurement range ±2000 dps
    Linear acceleration sensitivity 0,061 mg
    Angular rate sensitivity 8,75 mdps
    acceleration linearity / temperature ±1,5 %
    angular linearity / temperature ±2,0 %
    Operating temperature range -40 up to +85 oC
    RSU-T01 Temperature Operating temperature range 0 to 100 °C
    Ambient temperature ±0,5 oC
    Pointed IR temperature ±1,0 oC
    RSU-CUR Current Operating temperature range 0 to 100 °C
    Ambient temperature ±0,5 oC
    Pointed IR temperature ±1,0 oC
    Pointed IR temperature ±1,0 oC
  • SMART sensors to benefit maintenance performance

    Tijdens de maintenance vakbeurs Gorinchem 2018 verteld CTO R.S. Kok hoe je slim gebruik maakt van alle data die je al meet of verzamelt, bewust of onbewust in sommige gevallen. Welke metingen worden er al gedaan en hoe kun je deze aanvullen met andere metingen zodat je ook voor onderhoud een kloppend verhaal krijgt. En wat doe je om van de data nuttige informatie te maken voor voorspellend onderhoud.