Remote Assistance

Get in contact with experts around the world with a click of a button. That’s what remote assistance is about.

This can be achieved in various ways. OpenICM supports online support via text messaging and documents sharing in combination with a smartphone or the more advantaged real-time AR (augmented reality) support.

Using AR you are able the keep your hands free and share video information with the experts. Bore advanced features like holographic projections are optionally available.

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Security & Privacy

Off course we understand that placing your data in the cloud might make you feel uneasy or unsure about safety issues. Data security and privacy of your data is an important priority at UVS Industry Solutions. 

We do our very best to keep your data and IT infrastructure as secure and safe as possible. We do this by, among other things, using secure connections, servers and interfaces. And off course we make backups of the data multiple times a day. We use hardware solutions that can only be used for one-way communication.
There are experts in data security involved in the design of all processes and technologies we develop.

eWON Hardware Security

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