• Data technology

    Data becomes increasingly important in every day life and businesses. @ UVS we focus on data collection, processing and analyses especially for Predictive Maintenance. Because there are fundamental differences between operational real-time system control and maintenance measurements we briefly explain.


    • Span & Offset detection
    • Adaptive to circumstances
    • Degradation detection
    • Configurable
    • Local readout
    • Abnormal measurements
    • Continuous
    • High reliability
    • High absolute precision


    • Context
    • Degradation in time
    • Autonomic detection of situations
    • Discrimination in circumstances
    • Predict failure
    • Time relative degradation
    • Interval measurement
    • High (relative) resolution
  • Identification & Measurement

    Scanning large objects

    QR Codes are often used on small objects for marketing and tracking & tracing purposes in logistic processes. However QR codes have some nice extra features.

    Large QR codes enable identification from objects like train from distances well over 40 meters, further more the angle and size of the uniformed code reveal information like rotating angle and distance

    This application helped logistics and operations to more precisely run there operations with the use of QR-codes and vision systems.

    • No contact between object and measured device
    • Low cost of ownership
    • Reliable and easy to alter and maintain