• Basic Remote Access

    HMS interfaces and communication infrastructure enables you to access machines around the world from your office. HMS remote access is the number one, proven best solution for machine builders and asset owners.

    What can I do with this technology?

    • Troubleshoot and program PLCs remotely
    • View and control your remote HMIs
    • Connect to a web camera for assistance
    • Support field technicians for commissioning

    What’s your benefit?

    • Reduce traveling time
    • Enable servitization
    • Increase control over your assets
    • Optimize machine availability
    • Reduce maintenance costs

    How can we help

    • Product selection
    • Integration into new or existing OT system
    • Setup the infrastructure from machine up to dashboard
    • Manage and Maintain you remote access infrastructure

    We can even take you a step further... HMS remote access system can be used as data logging and IoT gateways. This enables you to provide even more services to you customers or end users. Find out how...

  • HMS & UVS @ SPS2017

    For the second year UVS SMART Maintenance solution can be seen at our partner stand HMS @ Hal 10 SPS2017 Nurnberg. A great show, where we introduced our SMART sensors for predictive maintenance. This device will enable the application of an eWON in high resolution data intensive environments like vibration monitoring.

    HMS introduces the NEW eWON flexy that has a smaller building width to enable more easy integration into new an existing control-cabinet arrangements. Our Remote asset management solution can hence be implemented more easy in new and existing machines.

  • Raster & UVS @ Machinebouw event 's-Hertogenbosch

    Raster products & UVS Asset Performance Group show how machinebuilders can benefit from remote access and predictive maintenance.

    CTO Ronald Kok (UVS-APG) presents how existing remote access systems like eWON will enable new business models. This not only enables new ways of selling, leasing or renting new machines, but also enable to provide new services to a wide variety of installed base machines.

    UVS-APG shows a practical approach to predictive maintenance using SMART sensor technology, big data and real-time machine diagnostics.

  • UVS @ BOOST Television Broadcast

    During an inspiring dialog Laurens Jan (Boost) takes the viewer through some examples of technologies that enable Predictive Maintenance. UVS Industry Solutions (Eveliene Langedijk) tells about OpenICM SMART sensors and combining information from sources to optimize maintenance performance, CMData ( Han Boin) shows how AR and VR can help execute maintenance, Qimarox (Jaco Hooijer) tells about how they see the future for machine builders.

    Watch the complete broadcast..